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photo showing prince Charles visit to Shotokan JKA academy
HRH Prince Charles photo
 Our students in JKA Championships
HRH Prince Charles observing  demonstration of our karate kids skills
JKA third place Winner Jon Keen student of Shotokan JKA Academy
JKA Championships winners
HRH asking members of Shotokan JKA Academy about their training
HRH Prince Charles with ouyr members
HRH Prince Charles
HRH Prince Charles
Our students winning medals in competition awarded by our master Kawasoe 8th Dan
SKC Academy students at competitions
JKA UK Championships
Our kids in competition action
Demonstration of kids karate announcement by Sham Aktar
Our students win the final places in JKA competition
kids with medals and trophies in competition
junior club competitions photo
Club Kata competition
Students winning medals anbd certificates after JKA UK competition
photo of sham Aktar showing side kick application
HRH Prince Charles visits SKC Academy in 2006
Sham Aktar showing a side kick performed in a masterful form.
Side thust kick demonstration
photo of sham aktar and Abe sensei 8th Dan after training
sham Aktar after training with Osaka sensei 8th Dan
Shirai sensei of Italy and Sham Aktar after training
student winning a medal after karate  competition
Students win medals after competition
Trophy winner
Trophy winner
Trophy winner
Sham Aktar and all his masters after a training camp together
Windsor JKA WF England Tournament 2019
sensei Tanak 8th Dan and sham aktar after training
sham with Kanazawa sensei after training
sham with abe sensei
sham with yahara after his course
photo of nishiyama sensei
jkachamps group photo
karate competition winners with sham aktar  group photo
sham with Yaguchi sensei
Early morning stretches at the emperors palace gardens Beijing China
Sham Aktar sensei in China visit practising Tai Chi at the Green Lake.
photo of side kick

 Sham Aktar sensei 6th Dan - Beijing,China visits, stretching/training at the emperor's palace gardens  photos 2004

photo of studebts doing stretching exercises.
explaining our stretching exercises to HRH Prince Charles photo
Demonstration of karate watched by HRH Prince Charles
HRH Prince Charles visit 2006

HRH Prince Charles visits the Shotokan JKA Academy - 2006

HRH Prince Charles visit 2006 photo
Winning trophies at Shotokan JKA Academy by our Tiny Tigers Kids
Winning trophies at our Academy
winning trophies
Tiny Tigers sparring in competition
Winning Trophies and having lots of fun at our karate Academy at the same time.

Tiny Tigers & Li'l Samurai's  (5-8 year olds ) winning  competitions

karate quote
karate quote
Karate quote
karate quotes
karate quotes
karate quotes
Club photo after training with Naito sensei and Kawasoe senseis both 8th Dan's
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